Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Burger

Nothing tastes better than a great burger and last night I made probably one of the best burgers I have made on the grill.  For breakfast we had bacon, so I threw together a bacon weave for the next time we had burgers.  Figure it could sit in the freezer until such an occasion occurred.  Well as luck would have it we decided to have burgers tonight, so the bacon weave got to sit in the fridge until ready.


For burgers we decided to try some President’s Choice frozen patties to mix things up from the norm.  We picked up a package of the PC Loads of Cheddar & Bacon Beef Burgers to give a try.

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Man, Meat and Fire

Yes there is nothing like getting back to the roots of man cooking meat over fire.  Our Neanderthal ancestors struggled with the fear of fire until they learned to control it and cook their dinosaurs over it, which helped man evolve to the superior beings we are today!


LOL Yeah right.  Anyway, out at the cottage this weekend I took the opportunity to cook our burgers over the fire.

8-2-2014 burger2

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Cherry Pitter

Having a cottage in Creston BC, we have access to some of the best cherries available in Canada.  The later half of July and early August the cherries are in full harvesting glory and the trees hang thick with them.  So much so that branches hang down burdened with the delicious little red morsels.  But what does one do with a 10 pound box of cherries that you just picked up for $15?  That’s right $1.50/pound.  Beats anything we’ll find in Calgary.


While on a recent shopping trip to Sandpoint, ID, Cherie found a Cherry pitter.  The Starfrit Cherry Pitter.


cherry pitter 1

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