Cherry Lime Mint Mojito

Great refreshing drink for a hot day or really for any day that ends in Y!


Start with the zest and juice of one lime.  To that add 4 BC cherries, halved, and about 6 leaves of spearmint.  Grab you favourite beverage shaker and muddler and go to town.  Add about 4 ounces (who is really counting) of plain or cherry flavoured vodka and continue to muddle.  Be sure to get all the flavours out of the mint and cherries.  


Drop an ice cube into the shaker and shake it like a Polaroid picture for about a minute then divide the drink into 2 Martini glasses.  Now here you have 2 options; drink it straight up or top with Fresca or 7up and enjoy.


This post brought to you by the number 4 and the fact I’m over 18 and can drink!


The Foodie


Mac ‘N Cheese Cheeseburger

I have been asking my Mom to make her macaroni and cheese bake for a long time and finally this weekend she did.  My ulterior motive was to try and make a Mac ‘N Cheese Cheeseburger.  Oh man these turned out fantastic.


The macaroni and cheese bake has a ton of macaroni, cream, butter and eggs and once baked and cooled you are able to slice it thin and fry it golden brown.  A great memory from my childhood.


After enjoying this at my parents place, we were sent home with a “goody bag” of leftovers.  Well yesterday was the day!

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