Jambalaya time

Been a while since I’ve cooked a jambalaya, so it was time today.  I like to grill my ingredients before hand so they get that little something extra flavour wise.  Unfortunately I did not have the chicken thawed out in time to make the first round of grilling.



From there, it was chop it all up and get it ready for the grill.  Green pepper, red onion, beef Chorizo sausage, chicken breast, garlic, chopped canned tomatoes, tomato cocktail and slap ya mama seasonings.

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Big Daddy’s Bar and Grill

Across the Canada / US border at Porthill Idaho, is a small bar called Big Daddy’s Bar and Grill.  We’ve been there a few times, but lately they’ve only been open from 4pm onwards.  We’ve missed the opportunity to stop and have lunch.  Well today we had to cross the border to get gas and decided we’d call and see if they were going to be open.  Well the person who answered the phone said that he’d open the doors for us, so to come on down.  We assumed since they were getting ready for their New Year’s Eve bash, they had the smoker going, so why not have a few customers stop in.

22 inch hotdog with all the fixins.

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